The materials were originally developed by the former WMO CAeM Task Team on the Competency Assessment Toolkit of the Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology (CAeM) in 2010. The former CAeM Expert Team on Education, Training and Competency updated the toolkit webpage till early 2020. The latest version makes reference to the "Guidance to implement a Competency Management System" (2016) and WMO-No.1205 Guide to Competency (2018). It will be maintained by the WMO Standing Committee on Aviation - Met Expert Team on Education Training and Competencies (SC-AVI ET/ETC) starting from April 2020.

This website is designed to provide a framework for demonstrating competence of Aeronautical Meteorological Observers (AMO) and Aeronautical Meteorological Forecasters (AMF). The required competencies are part of the WMO-No.49 Technical Regulations.

Site Structure

The site guides you through the background information for, and the development of an implementation plan for the assessment of Aeronautical Meteorological Personnel (AMP) based on the following structure. You can link to a page via the menus on the left.

  • Introduction to Toolkit
  • Competency Assessment Philosophy
  • Introduction to Competency Assessment System
  • Developing a Competency Assessment Plan
  • Conclusions