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Notes to WMO Members on Submission of Forecast/Observational Bulletins to WWIS

Forecast/Observational Bulletins Submission Procedure

The bulletin should be sent to the WWIS server in XML/Text format through Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

Account for Forecast/Observational Bulletins Submission

Please send email to WWIS coordinator, cityforecast[at] (replace the "[at]" by "@") and we shall arrange to create an account for uploading the city forecast/observational bulletins to WWIS SFTP server (

Hardware and Software Requirements

A computer connected to the Internet is required to send forecast to WWIS SFTP server.

File Naming Convention

The name of forecast bulletin file to be sent to the SFTP server shall be :
FP_A1A2_NNNNNNNN.xml (for XML format)
FPA1A2_NNNNNNNN.txt (for Text format)

The name of observational bulletin file to be sent to the SFTP server shall be :
OBS_A1A2_NNNNNNNN.xml (for XML format)

Where A1A2 is Two-letter country or territory designators, for example, ID = Indonesia.
NNNNNNNN is A sequential count from 0 to 99999999 assigned by the originating Centre. The count should be increased by 1 when a new bulletin is to be submitted.

Format of Forecast Bulletin

XML format:
The sample XML, Schema and Weather Icon Table can be downloaded at here.

Text format:
The sample Text format bulletin and document is available at here.

It is highly recommended to use the four-digit weather icon code in the forecast bulletin.

Format of Observational bulletin

XML format (no Text format):
The sample XML, Schema can be downloaded at here.

Submission of Climatological Information

The climatological information can be submitted by filing the form and sending to WWIS coordinator.

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