Guidelines on downloading the forecast and climatological information from the WWIS website

The forecast and climatological information of each city are available for downloading at:[City ID]_en.xml
where [City ID]is city id of the city

New York City:

1.  The city id of all WWIS cities can be found at: .
2.  The data file is coded in JSON format. For details, please refer to the JSON schema.
3.  Please be reminded that web browsers cannot open the data files by default. You should right click the error message (if any) and then select view source.

Notes to users of the forecast data and climatological information of the WWIS website:

1.  Acknowledgement must be given to the WMO World Weather Information Service ( as the source of information.
2.  The forecast and climatological information of the WWIS website must be reproduced accurately.
3.  Disclaimer

This web site is operated on behalf of WMO by Hong Kong Observatory of Hong Kong, China.