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This web site is operated
on behalf of WMO by

Hong Kong Observatory
of Hong Kong, China.

World Weather Information Service

World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
web site on World City Forecasts, Climatology
and Weather Observations
Introductory Pamphlet
Introductory Pamphlet

Introduction Introduction
Background Background
Objectives Objectives
World Weather Information Service (WWIS) web site World Weather Information Service (WWIS) web site
Summary of Major Events Summary of Major Events
Participating Members Participating Members
This WMO project on world city forecasts is to explore the wider exchange and availability of official weather information on the Internet.  In view of this, a WMO-sponsored web site - World Weather Information Service (WWIS) is established as a centralized source on the Internet for media to access official weather information issued by National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) efficiently and effectively.  The WWIS web site is developed and maintained by the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) of Hong Kong, China.

The Commission of Basic Systems (CBS) of World Meteorological Organization (WMO) at its Twelfth Session at Geneva, 27 November - 8 December 2000 discussed the need to strengthen the recognition of the public weather services that NMHSs provide through the setting up of a pilot project.   The Commission agreed that a Collecting Center should be designated to collect weather forecasts supplied by participating NMHSs.  The Collecting Center would generate an integrated product of major city forecasts around the world and make it available for use by all WMO Members for dissemination to the public and the media.

A WMO-sponsored web site - WWIS is set up to display the weather information supplied by participating NMHSs.   The Commission agreed that Hong Kong, China, would take the lead in further developing the above concept and act as the Collecting Center.

By February 2005, four language versions emerged viz. English, Arabic, Chinese and Portuguese. At the CBS 13th Session at St. Petersburg, 23 February - 3 March 2005, the Commission agreed to turn the pilot project into an operational component of the Public Weather Services Programme and that the current host Members, viz. China; Hong Kong, China; Macao, China; and Oman, would continue to maintain the Chinese, English, Portuguese and Arabic versions of the WWIS web site respectively. The Commission also designated Hong Kong, China to serve as the coordinator of WWIS operation in collaboration with other WMO Members.

In September 2006, Spain joined the other 4 hosts and launched the Spanish version for public access.

In January 2007, France launched the French version, making the total language versions to six.

In March 2009, Germany launched the German version, making the total language versions to seven.

In August 2009, Italy launched the Italian version, making the total language versions to eight.

In March 2011, Russian Federation launched the Russian version, making the total language versions to nine.

In December 2011, Poland launched the Polish version, making the total language versions to ten.

To develop and enhance the methodologies for the international exchange of public forecasts issued by NMHSs via the Internet;
To provide a centralized source of official weather information on the Internet;
To encourage the international media and the public to make good use of official weather information provided by NMHSs; and
To enhance the visibility of NMHSs, especially those of developing countries, so as to strengthen the public recognition of the weather services they provide.
World Weather Information Service (WWIS) Web Site
This WWIS web site contains official weather information provided by NMHSs for their respective countries or regions.   The media are welcome to make available information on this WMO web site to the public.   When doing so, it should be indicated that they are provided by the respective NMHSs.  The web site is targeted to provide the following information:
The name and logo of participating NMHSs providing the information;
Hyperlinks to the NMHS's official web sites (if available);
iii. Hyperlinks to the Local Tourism Authority's web sites (if available);
Forecasts for the next few days for selected cities including temperature range, weather in a few words and weather icons;
Past and possibly current weather; and
Climatological information and official observations.
This page was last updated on 10 March 2010