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 * Poland launched Polish version
 * MyWorldWeather - the mobile application of WWIS launched
 * Russia launched Russian version
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This web site is operated
on behalf of WMO by

Hong Kong Observatory
of Hong Kong, China.

World Weather Information Service
Official Observations. Official Forecasts.

Summary of Major Events
(in chronological order)

17 Jan
WWIS launched MyWorldWeather on Trial on Android Platform and with Multiple Language Support

13 Dec
Poland launched the Polish version of World Weather Information Service

23 Mar
Italy launched Google earth version of World Weather Information Service

18 Mar
Russian Federation launched World Weather Information Service - Russian Version

29 Apr
WWIS launched Future Version

28 Aug
Italy launched World Weather Information Service - Italian Version
23 Mar
Germany launched World Weather Information Service - German Version

22 May
WWIS won the 2008 Stockholm Challenge Award in the Environment Category
  The Stockholm Challenge is an international competition held once every two years. The objective of the contest is to promote the use of information and communication technology applications to help counteract social and economic disadvantage. Some IT people dub it as the "Oscar Award" or even the "Nobel Prize" for the IT sector.

The award presentation ceremony was held on 22 May 2008 in the Blue Hall at Stockholm. The citation says: "They have a strong vision, global objectives, a robust sustainability model and demonstrate information exchange between national and international organizations sharing weather data."

The Award reflects success achieved through the active contributions from participating Members in the project, the stout support of WMO Secretariat and the enthusiastic inputs of the Members operating the website in several languages.

1 Jan
World Weather Information Service - Portuguese Version

On 1 January 2008, the hosting of the Portuguese language version of the World Weather Information Service website is taken up by the Instituto de Meteorologia of Portugal. The new hyperlink is

Efforts made by the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau of Macao, China in hosting the Portuguese language version since 2004 is duly acknowledged and highly appreciated.


31 Jan
France launched World Weather Information Service - French Version

12 Sep
Spain launched World Weather Information Service - Spanish Version
23 Mar
The domain name of the World Weather Information Service (WWIS) website has changed to on 23 March 2006. This new domain name readily identifies the WWIS website as a part of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) which is a specialized agency of the United Nations. The old domain name,, would remain accessible for a certain period of time for smooth transition but the public is encouraged to use the new domain name from now on.

30 Sep
WWIS includes city map and photo
23 Mar
WWIS starts formal operation on 23 March 2005

The web site on worldwide official weather forecasts, World Weather Information Service (WWIS)<>, starts formal operation today (23 March 2005) after a trial period of over two years.

03 Mar

At the 13th Session of the Commission for Basic Systems Meeting at St. Petersburg, 23 February - 3 March 2005, the Commission endorsed the pilot project to become an operational component of the Public Weather Services Programme of World Meteorological Organization. It was agreed that the current host Members, viz. China; Hong Kong, China; Macao, China; and Oman, would continue to maintain the Chinese, English, Portuguese and Arabic versions of the WWIS web site respectively .


02 Dec
"Weather Observations"

"Official Observations. Official Forecasts." - to realize our commitment on the provision of "Official Observations", this "Weather Observations" web page have been developed to display the global current weather observations. When you entered the first page, you would see a global view of cloudiness and rain. Click on the world map to zoom in for detailed viewing.

02 Apr
"Tourism Information" banner added in the city forecast page
23 Mar
Macao launched World Weather Information Service - Portuguese Version
23 Feb
China launched World Weather Information Service - Chinese Version 

08 Dec
Two pilot projects (WWIS & SWIC) won the Asia Pacific Information and Communication Technology (APICTA) Award
01 Dec
"World Weather Information Service and Severe Weather Information Centre" Pamphlet
06 Aug
Weather Icons
  Provide weather icons alongside the worded forecasts.
22 May
Oman launched World Weather Information Service - Arabic Version
  WMO offers authoritative weather forecats for cities on-line in Arabic at <<WORLDWEATHER.MET.GOV.OM:8000>>

09 Dec
Operational trial of Phase II launched
  Phase II: Dynamic pages containing city forecasts of world cities for the next few days.

14 Dec
Operational trial of Phase I launched
  Phase I: Static pages containing climatological information and link to the NMS's web site.