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This web site is operated
on behalf of WMO by

Hong Kong Observatory
of Hong Kong, China.
World Weather Information Service

Public Authority for Civil Aviation - Directorate General of Meteorology
Weather Information for Adam
Tourism Information:  Oman Tourism Portal
Weather Forecast
Issued at 23:00  (Local time)  12 Dec  2018 
Date Temperature oF Weather
Minimum Maximum
12 Dec
( Wed )
64 84 Fine
13 Dec
( Thu )
64 81 Fine
14 Dec
( Fri )
61 81 Fine
15 Dec
( Sat )
63 79 Fine
>> Click here for temperatures in oC
Climatological Information
Month Mean Total Rainfall (mm)
Jan 1.0
Feb 2.2
Mar 10.6
Apr 1.7
May 0.6
Jun 3.6
Jul 3.9
Aug 11.6
Sep 5.6
Oct 0.3
Nov 3.3
Dec 1.2
>> Click here for temperatures in oC

* Climatological information is based on monthly averages for the 12-year period 1998-2009.
* Attention: Please note that the averaging period for climatological information and the definition of "Mean Number of Precipitation/Rain Days" quoted in this web site may be different for different countries. Hence, care should be taken when city climatologies are compared.